I presume the 5on5 final is best of 3?

Article 8/26/09, 6:57 PM

#21 They dont really need H4nn1, they got Loda and Misery as farmers/carries. What they need is someone like Freezer actually, a support/ganker.

Article 8/24/09, 12:22 PM

Razer is the classic team that does have the potential for winning everything, but they aren't stable enough. Some time they play a bit off, and pick out the window. And they always gets owned in the late game. Well done Fnatic. Freezer was really helpful for you. :)

Article 8/23/09, 11:21 AM

#33 Yeah, I know, but it sounded like you were had thoughts about the rankings and such... :P #36 Dendi left DTS?

Article 8/20/09, 3:18 PM

#24 Rank is bull, aAa only face div2-teams and to whom they seem better. DTS have to be in there with Ravens, KS.int, dmZ etc... So don't base all on rank. :) This will only be streamed with WTV, not GG-TV?

Article 8/19/09, 7:20 PM

Going to vote Ly0n.

Article 8/17/09, 12:20 AM

Nice! Good to see Gosubets up in good time. ;)

Article 8/15/09, 11:19 PM

I am somewhat scared of HoN, I don't like big changes! [crazy]

Article 8/15/09, 2:03 PM