• Name didrik Leganger
  • Location Norway
  • Date of birth Mar 18, 1989
  • Primary game StarCraft

thanzi's activity

Looking forward to see what Kare can do vs the swedish deathmachines! Nightend might be fun to watch too!

Article 4/20/11, 8:55 PM

any vods out?

Article 10/4/10, 5:00 PM

I hope they can get these things up within october, that would be pretty great I guess. Good that blizzard listened to the community, and the chatrooms and cross play will make it alot easier. I guess the pros that is gonna play tournaments have to buy atleast 2 copies but I guess they can afford it ;)

Article 6/17/10, 4:54 PM

#1 they say that the european scene has a larger number of really good players! The top players of both America and Europe is fairly even imo

Article 6/1/10, 9:04 AM

Hmm, when will the stream links be up? Any idea's?

Article 5/7/10, 6:47 PM

For persons outside of scandinavia you can buy a foreigner ticket that is half the fee of the tickets for scandinavians. The gathering is not really a lan, but a data party, so loud music and speakers are allowed. Last year the dota tournament was played on stage with shoutcasters, but the final did not go as planned as there were massive connection and pc problems. the final lasted for about 3 hours for 1 game and so the game crew does not want to give DotA a progamer spot. It is abit narrowminded yes, but this is to ensure that the other more popular tournaments get's played on schedule. The price money is high if you do not have high travel expenses. TG has mainly had norwegians in their game compos but MYM(poland) cs team was there 2 years ago I think and took home 50k NOK(about 6250 euro) in CS 1.6 . TG is more than a LAN, it is a feeling, and with one gigantic hall with 5,2k computers the participants are in for one hell of a ride. I am working as a crew so if anyone has any questions I would be glad to awnser them

Article 1/8/10, 3:57 AM

Unity is EHOME's spirit. This is what it is all about, and I like to hear that some teams are 100% devoted to winning, and not have 1 flaming carry that takes all the herokills and then whines when his team loses! GL in SMM EHOME, you are a great team

Article 11/22/09, 4:30 PM

Haha got to love the t-shirt; YOU CAN TOUCH THIS!

Article 11/8/09, 12:09 PM
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