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Everything Alliance needs to do is to go back to the drawing board, the hero pool of DotA 2 is expanding and so should the strategies of the game also be doing. It isn't just the fact that teams now know to counter the madness and havoc that Alliance could cause with their strategies of the martyr, "sacrifice one to strengthen two". Also key is not to force the plays to be "just because the meta changes we have to change to strategies we do not like to play", through careful examination of the situation and develop tailored strategies with an expanded hero pool of not just Bulldog or Loda, the whole team has already proven to the world that they are very diversified and qualified to execute strategies to perfection. Find the spark of joy and excitement that triggers the mind to heighten your performance, with innovative plays and strengthen the bond between players to once again wreak havoc with the exquisite execution and up-tempo plays we all know that you have the capability of putting into practice. Just my two cents. =)

Article 1/9/14, 3:03 PM

no R4gn4r0x no AAA

Match 10/31/13, 11:48 AM

Drittsekk United

Match 10/24/13, 10:43 PM

Teams such as 4FC shouldn't be underestimated, which is most likely the most common mistake. Also in the specific matchup between 4FC and RS.int you have to take EE-sama vs ChrillEE-sama into consideration.

Article 9/30/13, 12:48 PM

Just handle the $50,000 to Invite-only qualifier winner no need to play, its pretty obvious whose gonna win

Article 9/17/13, 6:11 PM

KingJ please, there are young kids watching TI streams so next year please perform your armpitporno when the camera focus isn't on you!

Article 9/9/13, 4:31 PM

M = Maldejambes You heard it here first!

Article 9/2/13, 1:35 AM

There's no need being rude or flaming away at these boys tho, they made a fair run aiming high but basically couldn't keep up. SeleCt's home is pretty much in SC2 and that's where he can shine with his APM where everything is controlled by yourself. Mini on the other hand has probably been the most stable player of the team, playing support is definitely underrated and quite the task nowadays. If it just doesn't work then you have to have to invoke certain changes to get back the spark!

Article 5/27/13, 12:24 PM
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