Mind you Chinese do celebrate new year along with chinese new year. Just that chinese new year is celebrated much more than the new year.

Article 10/31/09, 8:43 AM

#41. H4nni aint playing btw.

Article 10/31/09, 2:56 AM

#25. Check the other link.

Article 10/28/09, 11:18 AM

#96. ITs not the final list. If Fnatic and EG apply to play. They will most probably still be allowed to play.

Article 10/27/09, 2:12 PM

#1 No idea. I was surprised too. But i suppose too much money being spent on EG? I mean their WC3 squad is going to WCG along with their CS team. So maybe couldnt afford it?

Article 10/27/09, 11:31 AM

#41. They are qualified to play. They can choose whether to play or not. However, I am pretty sure that a lot of teams would go. I would say around 85-90% of all the teams would go.

Article 10/25/09, 2:59 PM

These are the teams that qualify. Qualifying doesnt mean that all would be present at the grand final. So I wont be surprise if the final participating Malaysian team is less than what it is.

Article 10/25/09, 1:52 PM

We will get the replays posted asap. #37. Still remember me? lol.

Article 10/25/09, 11:28 AM