The team left SK, not being dropped. There is a difference.

Article 31/01/2012 06:14

Oo? Since when did we call carry players as carriers?

Article 12/01/2012 12:36

@28. NUKED!

Article 03/12/2011 06:20

There is only so many guests you can bring on. And the main premises behind the show isnt about having a guest to interview all the time. It is about talking about the different happenings in dota.

Article 28/11/2011 12:13

@5. Fixed. Thought I typed that already. Fail

Article 26/11/2011 09:10

@4. Its not. I emailed their manager personally and he confirmed they wont be going and SMM has not gotten an application from Na'Vi to attend.

Article 23/11/2011 02:25

Dint WCG have heartbeat monitors during their games? I read it in Grubby's various recounts on eSports yearbook.

Article 22/11/2011 00:45

This team have some good potential. Feels a lot like the EHOME of 2010. Banana taking over for 820 and Seaking takes over Burning.

Article 21/11/2011 08:59