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Who is Excello.oo?

Article 7/6/08, 10:40 PM

#4 I believe that Karune was actually trying to illustrate that the game can be a spectator sport as well, since the graphics will be easy to follow. Also, he is noting that since the explosions and graphics will be minimal, micromanagement will be easier to perform since the units will not be blocked by fancy explosions and lasers. But I may be wrong. I totally agree with you that what we really care about is the skill it takes to play the game. I hope they keep the training curve similar to SC:BW but I guess we'll see.

Article 5/8/08, 11:13 AM

3D.InqubE: We have a spiffy little edit button. You should check it out.

Article 5/2/08, 11:00 PM

Yeah it's biased... it's an opinion article. We have always done predictions, and just because you don't agree doesn't make it a bad idea to write.

Article 3/1/08, 5:54 AM

#9 I didn't say "prOxiteam is great," I said "prOxiteam = Canada B" because we have three members who are or have been on Canada B.

Article 1/13/08, 8:11 PM

prOxiteam = Canada B <3

Article 1/13/08, 1:38 AM

#5 the quote is referring to problems in games with many players where the game literally cannot handle more units being on the map, not the maximum population count of 200.

Article 10/22/07, 11:08 PM

Wow Mondragon 3-0 awesome... and this is the first time that Testie hasn't complete dominated his group as well. Too bad the Poles and Chinese have to play each other first round :(.

Article 10/6/07, 1:21 AM
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