• Name Sam Rezaei
  • Location Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Date of birth Jun 28, 1988
  • Primary game DotA
Team: Nv.Cn+ Nv.My + Any team with Loda( Always a Sk Fan) Carry: Loda Yapets Mushi Chuan Ganker: Dendi Demon YYF SoSo Dai Supporter: NS Dread DGC Net Leader: Winter Puppey InCense SoSo Legends: Vigoss Loda Yoshi Chu Verge.King Longdd IceIceIce Favorite Heroes: SF, Lanaya , Clockwerk, Sand King, Lina, Windrunner Item: Dagger Orchid Eul Side: Scourge Worst Memory:sgty>cD SMM finals Best Memory: SK wins Dreamhack beating EG MYM Hate Whoever Uses Crow To Refill Bottle^^

Jiggs's activity

GOD + NS? Didn't they have huge problems with each other? I thought that's why M5 broke up.

Article 8/16/13, 12:20 AM

Dreamz Jonet or Netolic.SG imo.

Article 5/14/13, 7:05 PM

Reeein I wanna apologize for my previous comment. I did not believe that Valve would actually take LGD's spot considering every Western team had some reshuffle.

Article 5/6/13, 10:01 PM

I think it is unprofessional of GGnet to report that their TI3 might be on the line here without having any credible source. This is a news website, and no place for speculation, especially speculation that would cause drama. I would understand if it was in an editor's opinion piece or something, but having it in the news is just baiting some drama and flames.

Article 5/4/13, 4:48 PM

[quote]Funny thing actually, I had been advocating for Fear to move to the 4 ever since before Bulba and Universe joined us over a year ago. It’s simply the role that, if played right, allows you to have the biggest impact on the game. With how Fear wants to play and direct the game, it only felt natural to me that he should be playing that role and I was hugely disappointed when he instead chose to go for the role as a carry. I don’t think the pattern lies when you look at teams like iG, Na’Vi, Liquid, Fnatic and now Dignitas who all have their captains on support.[/quote] Um.. correct me if I'm wrong but Zhou is the captain for iG who plays 1. For Fnatic, Fly is usually the captain ( except recently that Notail drafted) and Fly is a 5. Puppey used to be a 4 when AA was in NaVi but he has transitioned into a 5 role since Kuro has joined.

Article 5/3/13, 11:19 PM

I think people at Valve remember that CWM Echoslam+Blink in TI1 far too graphically to extend his team an invite

Article 5/3/13, 2:20 AM

He was a weak player and did some questionable moves from time to time. However, I do believe that he did try his best and improved in these last couple of months. Neno's pretty good. I'd also consider kebap or synd.

Article 5/1/13, 4:27 AM

looks promising

Article 4/29/13, 7:45 PM
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