• Name Sina Tavoosi
  • Location Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Date of birth Jun 4, 1989
  • Primary game DotA

pagan-poetry's activity

Where the hell are IMPERIAL? Seriously they should have been invited for the qualifiers. They won a LAN, it was half serious ... but they won it and beat some of these invites. And they've won like 90% of their matches since TI6.

Article 10/22/16, 6:36 PM

Damn, I loved watching Warcraft tournaments back in the day, I'd download tons of replays. ToD was actually my favorite player. Happy to see Remind, Moon, TH000 and all the others still being around. I miss Grubby and all the old 4K players. I wish Blizzard would stop messing around and just make WarCraft IV. Maybe the profit won't be through the roof, but there will definitely be a scene again.

Article 9/3/16, 8:00 PM

Whatever happens, Fear will always be remembered as a legend. #respect

Article 8/28/16, 6:42 AM

I used to play in some tournaments 10 years ago, WCG and ESWC held events at Iran/Tehran. But it's good to have a event of our own. There are many talented gamers in Iran, since there's not much else to do tbh.

Article 8/23/16, 6:08 PM

I'm not a Chinese dota fan but I'm totally for a new team winning TI. Wings are incredible, the most diverse team in the world. Also very happy for Misery, the guy has been around forever and was underachieving for so many years. And congratz to EG as well, all around the team that achieved the most in Dota 2 (You'd say Navi but TI1 was a joke anyway).

Article 8/14/16, 7:07 AM

I just logged in to say that you have to make multiple choices in a vote like that. What's the point of choosing 1 team as the survivor of four different matches? These kinda glaring errors are really anoyying, you know?

Article 8/6/16, 11:35 AM

Happy to see Synderen and Era making it into TI6. Also big fan of the other ESC players, especially Yapz0r who is a goddamn force.

Article 8/3/16, 1:51 PM

If you open your goddamn eyes and see the Liquid article, you will notice that it's about the same length and written in the same tone. Stop being brainless whiners whenever your favorite team .... actually your favorite region the in the world, wins.

Article 5/11/16, 11:28 AM
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