a perfect game, cant believe someone is actually capable of pulling shit like this on the main dreamhack stage, holy shit

Match 6/17/13, 10:33 PM

what a fucking game, mother of dota help me

Match 6/16/13, 10:41 PM

the only solution now is to fire solo and try to regain some dignity with the rest of the team members, vanskor is a brilliant player but if all the guys were involved, it will be very interesting to see if any other tournament admins will perform some actions against the team as well

Article 6/15/13, 1:00 AM

aysee's radio voice is just wonderful to hear, alongside with draskyl they make maybe the best caster duo ever I dont understand why would you want bts to fly over to europe and cast dreamhack when there's the gd studio which is basically teaching bts how to create some additional production value

Article 6/6/13, 3:36 PM

unfortunately, I have to say that tobi might be returning for the dreamhack winter as hellspawn mentioned yesterday on the gd show but this combo is insanely good

Article 6/5/13, 3:35 PM

chinese scrubs: "we dont care about western scene" oh you want to get raped, just keep playing the same shitty strategy forever

Match 5/25/13, 12:11 PM

this blue color is so shiny, just horrible

Article 5/17/13, 11:44 AM

will buy reports for cold cash, every bloody game 3-4 players deserve an instapunishment for life

Article 5/8/13, 11:24 PM