as tulex said, nothing lasts forever.. but don't be silly, i think we can expect a comeback ;)

Article 3/23/10, 4:12 PM

ya, rly interesting to show some newfags with huuuge words, but what about make some interwiew with some true rising stars? --> Verya (ex rC), P-X and more and more.... but still best wishes to the microGaming

Article 3/5/10, 10:18 AM

nothing to say, just gl guys //it's normal to be drunk in lowskill cw's, but vs theshit? hmmm

Article 2/24/10, 3:44 PM

gl sgc, but i think blight will dominate this

Article 1/5/10, 9:22 PM

kuro, plz stop crying, everybody know that DotA has changed, everybody know that asian dota is so boring, everybody know, that only one player like you can't win everything without great team.... so wake up boy

Article 12/2/09, 4:24 PM

cranich the movie ftw!

Article 10/23/09, 7:04 PM

i think we will see some very interesting matches, my top three will probably be 1. Denmark (they are in excellent form, nobody can stop them) 2. Russia/Ukraine (they always show very good performance) 3. Czech Republic/Slovakia (eSuba, SGC = good players together) [santa]

Article 5/25/09, 8:31 PM