demondoto best doto...Congrats!

Article 10/7/13, 8:12 AM

E.H.O.M.E! T_T

Article 8/30/13, 3:28 PM

lmao buratzkie sux!

Article 8/5/13, 2:41 AM

tactical pause by armsterdam

Article 7/30/13, 1:28 PM

now we know why na`vi goes there

Article 3/8/13, 11:41 AM

IG for life!! most stable, strong and intelligent dota team..

Article 2/28/13, 4:57 PM

wtf the fountain destroyer is back!!

Article 1/28/13, 4:41 PM

OMG my favorite team!! T_T......i should listen to this song kuroky gone in [T_T] [T_T] [T_T]

Article 8/29/11, 8:59 AM