• Name Gian Carlo Barcelona
  • Location Philippines
  • Primary game Dota 2

kyruswraex's activity

Valve is watching us

Article 5/30/13, 3:52 AM

Mania- is a little bit rusty.. From Navi vs AL pov

Article 9/26/12, 6:09 PM

no naga ban/pick nice! navi'ed

Article 9/14/12, 7:02 PM

easy bracket for mineski

Article 3/2/12, 4:29 PM

spirit bear

Blog 2/19/12, 6:48 PM

enchant totem alone doesn't give any stun at all.. aftershock gives the stun around ES and increases the stun duration as you level it.

Blog 12/22/11, 4:07 PM

#69 It's fine. Maybe it's a mistake talking to this Ausboy Troll. #63 You know there are greater things than creating a GGnet account every week. Understand? Oh, maybe you don't. [sky] GJ Orange on this one! Truly deserved.

Article 12/20/11, 12:57 AM

#110 Stop hating. (facepalm) [crazy]

Article 12/18/11, 1:48 PM
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