• Name Alexander alexi
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth Apr 9, 1994
  • Primary game DotA

AuraFlash's activity

Flawless performance by loda.

Match 10/12/15, 8:02 PM

ez match

Match 10/11/15, 2:16 PM

damn right bro

Article 10/10/15, 9:34 AM

illidian sucked so hard with naga. dafuq is wrong with the tp out so early?

Match 10/9/15, 7:43 PM

EU group B is kinda ez .

Article 10/8/15, 11:44 PM

Amazing streak navi. Keep it up

Match 10/8/15, 1:01 PM

that gyro guy is so trash

Match 10/7/15, 9:24 PM

Kinda best carry of Ukraine I think :)) Navi is indeed back. 4Head

Match 10/7/15, 6:38 PM
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