Do sponsors take any money from tournoument prizes? Let's say NewBee has won ti4, for example. Is it 1 million for each player, or something like 2 million to the NewBee company and 3 million to the players? (Since the players also recieve salary from the company, esp. in China)

Article 7/19/14, 4:19 PM

Super also likes to play Razor, but he was playing Razor often even before Razor became popular again.

Article 7/14/14, 2:17 PM

EGM played some position1 carry visage. And Kuroky was a legendary carry player in 6.5x, esp. in

Article 6/30/14, 9:02 PM

These two teams are TI4 first and second place in no order, this is almost certain.

Match 6/20/14, 3:35 PM

[A] got this.

Match 6/15/14, 2:02 PM

Chinese dota 3 spots in first six at ti4. DK VG NewBee

Article 5/9/14, 12:31 PM

I'd like to think of it as tactical also, but not sure. DK has been bad lately.

Article 5/6/14, 3:33 PM

Fear roadtorecovery must be long road :( Though I miss the old man, I'm happy Alliance has begun gaining their shape.

Match 5/2/14, 9:01 AM