ah, damn emotions again

Article 11/3/14, 2:36 PM

Loda doesn't want a veteran like H4nn1 in the team. I'm sure he appreciates h4nn1's talent but he doesn't like being second-guessed.

Article 10/18/14, 10:53 PM

Titan's gonna get this imo.

Article 9/9/14, 9:35 AM

NaVi.us got this :)

Article 9/9/14, 9:34 AM

This is going to popularize the web site. Nice for GG.net.

Article 9/8/14, 4:27 PM


Article 9/8/14, 4:26 PM


Article 9/1/14, 12:32 PM

vigoss's time is past, disband soon

Article 8/8/14, 10:59 PM