#5 you right just give them money

Article 9/25/09, 3:29 PM

i want phase with armor bonus for pudge, krobelus, necrolyte, leshrac

Article 9/25/09, 3:29 PM

no ravens then gogo TLT

Article 7/9/09, 1:56 PM

final match Russia v Denmark im sure

Article 7/7/09, 8:22 PM

ravens and TLT 2 favourites of tournument but ravens gogo

Article 6/29/09, 6:16 PM

what a channellog

Article 6/10/09, 10:58 AM

ravens gonna win again

Article 6/9/09, 11:27 AM

im happy to see that because dota is becoming more pupuler and more more prize

Article 5/2/09, 3:41 PM