Indeed man. I believe this year we're going to have a person that won 2 TI Champsionship. Either EG's going to win TI, OR 2 championships go to: -Puppey+S4 -Hao -Xiao8

Article 6/5/15, 3:27 PM

I instantly thought of Hao by reading the title. He's the most aggressive carry player indeed. Offlane Phantom Lancer is, btw, fucking disgusting. iceiceice's weird offlane heores like riki are so ugly to play with and against, man.

Article 2/12/15, 11:34 AM

June would rekt the 1v1 imo

Match 2/3/15, 10:09 AM

Ferrari is so damn good.

Match 1/31/15, 1:33 PM

C9 is already a so greedy team. FATA saves them by being the tempo controller. EE+Aui+RTZ is too much greed.

Article 12/31/14, 4:57 AM

What's up with Vici?

Article 12/14/14, 4:40 PM

I miss Drayich. Here's his song to Maelk:

Article 12/10/14, 2:32 PM

Wish LGD could replace them. Unlikely though.

Article 11/24/14, 11:18 PM