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Article 6/12/12, 12:20 AM

last year was 30? (i forgot but if not 30 it was 20) euro for 3 day gamescom pass. but, watching dota2 last year was quite painful because the venue is so small, i think the price is justifiable due to the venue, but it's obviously not cheap. #7 maybe they already make up 1/10 of the prizefund after 10 days of releasing dota2 store. the pricing is to compensate the venue i think, so its a 1-1 investment for them, they have good respectable venue for their event and its single handedly funded from the tickets. they could chose worst venue and automatically reduced the ticket price as well, since i foresee their plan is just to have the ticket funded the venue.

Article 6/9/12, 2:22 PM

WOW CUX LOL #9 i'll be happy for angga

Article 4/17/12, 5:37 PM

#28 i'm 21. of course movies don't show country's state. but at some point movies deliver some criticism toward government, and taking that out from my argument is like taking some quote without understanding the context. and i never say that IGC has anything to do with the disparity, what i said was such behavior stems from the disparity. It's not the only factor of course.

Article 4/17/12, 4:26 PM

#24 why it doesnt make sense? economic disparity is very obvious in India, as well as in my country, but my country aren't as developed as India for now, and that ain't relevant to this issue. Wonders of the world? Indonesia also have two (borobudur and komodo dragon), but why is that matters to this discussion? Even you ask for my age, that's not even relevant at all. i have a lot of respect to a lot of Indians, a lot of them have great minds, especially the one who have good education, tends to be a great guy in the society. most of my professor are indian. 3 idiots is one of my fave movie, yet it also shows a lot of stories that happens in India. scam, corruption, and evil things like that came from economic disparity, where a group of people are rich as fuck but there is still people who also poor as fuck. it is a real homework for every country to work on that. its apparent and its happening atm, i know India are strong and i personally think their tech school are #1 in the world, but it still can't deny that corruption, fraud, and scam still happening inside the country. Over years we would see a more educated India, and with better economic parity among the society, maybe in 3 or 4 decades India established themselves as superpowers, or even faster than that, since all tech work i believe have been outsourced to India as we speak.

Article 4/17/12, 2:45 PM

India is developing country but as you should know, the economic disparity is a bitch and that lead to scam like this

Article 4/17/12, 12:27 PM

lol at #2, read the interview first. i agree that cellphone games will be bigger, since every people can understand what happens

Article 4/16/12, 4:01 PM

^its like saying so many memories with quake and now you find yourself playing battlefield 3

Article 4/14/12, 5:20 AM
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