Let's hope it's not something bad, get well sockshka PS: omG !!!

Article 7/2/13, 12:56 PM

That's so fucking stupid, I liked RoX.KiS, and I thought Bzz had immense potential. Well, here your carreers go, retards.

Article 6/15/13, 12:45 AM

#14 "ArtofTrolling-_-" "no offense" 0/10 and I'm being kind to you.

Article 5/12/13, 1:24 PM

It was really a pain to watch at the venue last year.. Small screens, or no screens at all and you had to peek at players' screens to try to understand wtf was happening. In fact, you were better watching the stream, and that's saying something.. But they had a big section for LoL with a stage on its own, and even Smite, yes Smite, had a stage for itself too.

Article 5/11/13, 3:08 PM

#41 Thanks for the clarification, I wasn't sure it was broadcasted on TV. #39 Their fault for providing everyone with a free game that's really true to what DotA is ? Yeah right, blame them for that.

Article 5/10/13, 5:55 PM

#34 Their fault ? Btw if you're refering to the link posted earlier, it's not the only one they use.

Article 5/10/13, 3:58 PM

That setting ! Love the Dire vs Radiant soundproof booths :)

Article 5/10/13, 1:13 PM

They always use CEST in the news..

Article 5/9/13, 1:05 PM