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Man, I know what you mean, trust me Im not toxic at all. Im not toxic cause since I began playing Ive been around people of my level , which is not very high but I recognize that is my level. But now the system doesnt work anymore. Is a matter of luck. My first calibration game was very very even, like the best game Ive ever play, even if I lost, it was a true example of an even matchmaking. But because of the new system that means that as I lost, now Ill have to play with people considerably lower than me. Im talking about the second game, and I was already paired with guardian, I never have even seen a guardian before. And I can tell you, my team had three peoples trying to win and other two wandering around, like they dont even care. How is that supposed to be a good matchmaking. I dont wanna be the guy who thinks his team sucks and I have to carry four retards or that kind of stuff. I like playing support, but this was a whole new thing. I wasnt toxic because I know that doesnt solve anything, but for the first time since Ive been playing, I wanted to. I just stopped playing ranked and started playing ability draft, and trust me, everyone I know is just as disappointed as me By the way, someone I know drop from divine to herald, does that seems logical to you?

Article 6/8/18, 6:53 AM

Ok, now I see it. Still, the team that wins the minor and qualifies to the major, has an advantage as it gains DPC Points in both tournaments. I hope that no top tier team tries to exploit that, but so happens that in this past circuit sometimes there were top teams that didnt qualify to the events (like Optic or VGJ Storm) so it could happen

Article 6/7/18, 3:57 PM

I wonder who thought that was a good idea? The toxicity is gonna be above the roof, youll see. I know there was some kind of system abuse in the previous way of calibration, but im sure there were better ways to fix that. Win or Lose, thats no calibration, calibration was supposed to give you a medal based in your performance. At least it worked for me, I calibrated in what seems to be my correct skill level, as Ive been since winning 50% of the games, people I play with rarely suck more than I do and I have only climbed when I start to play better. So, isnt that what they were aiming for. The system was fine, they only had to address the spamming gimmicks, not change the system as a whole. Now I see calibration as a chance to go down if I happen to find retards in 10 games. I hope it ends up doing nothing

Article 6/6/18, 8:02 PM

Where does it says that all teams participating are going to be awarded with DPC points? I hope that is the case, otherwise it seems unfair, as it may be more convenient for Tier 1 teams to go to a minor, win grab some points and then qualify to the major by winning the minor. I think all crazy kind of situation could be possible that way.

Article 6/6/18, 7:51 PM
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