The points system used here differs from Liquipedia. Is it not that each map is worth 1 regardless of the series being a win or draw, so a 2-0 win is worth two points not 3, like in the table above?

Article 10/25/18, 5:27 AM

Great final series and really good tournament overall. Wish there were more tournaments like this that give different teams exposure. Fnatic-Secret was best dota since TI GF.

Article 10/8/18, 5:00 AM

Personally I think this is good for them as they need match practice and these matches are better quality and higher stakes than scrims #silverlinings

Article 9/24/18, 7:19 AM

ok thanks. I had assumed the two extra Minor slots would be given to regions with less Major slots so this further imbalance made the two events seem separate.

Article 9/20/18, 2:14 PM

Does winner go to Malaysia Major?

Article 9/20/18, 4:59 AM

Such a high ceiling for this team. Win or lose this team #1 highlight reel for sure. glhf

Article 9/13/18, 5:51 AM

OG needed an aussie to win TI, now Mushi has one of his own. GLHF!!!

Article 9/12/18, 7:12 AM

OG making a good call to rest. Valve making a bad call to only give SEA two slots for a SEA Major.

Article 9/12/18, 7:07 AM