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And navi totally destroyed alliance in the regular season, that game wasn't even close, what's your point? Navi beat alliance 3:1 in the finals meaning their overall record during that starladder is 4:3 in navi's favor. Also what about international? Are you talking about the international where alliance barely managed to beat navi 3:2? I'm not saying one team is better than the other, but saying that no one comes close to them is utterly stupid.

Article 10/18/13, 10:04 PM

I don't like :'(

Article 5/17/13, 11:35 PM

#37 i might be wrong but i don't think idra was ever "good". everyone else wasn't good enough. idra was strong in the beta when everyone was clueless. once people learned the game, idra became average even in the eu/na scene. his brilliant moments are easily shaded by all his ridiculous throws. #39 who the fuck cares??? [upsidedown] [upsidedown] [upsidedown] do you also tell your friends if they ever talk shit about football / basketball players that those players could own them 1v1??? lawl we are fans discussing pro players. if a pro player need to smash a bunch of fans to prove his worth, he is better off retiring D: also you sound like one of those "fucks" idra mentions in the screenie 32 posted. it's about time he gets booted. i really hope he retires.

Article 5/10/13, 11:24 PM


Article 4/23/13, 12:08 AM

No tasteless??? [crazy]

Article 4/18/13, 6:37 PM

Gamespy closing!?! It has been up there for like forever... Sad news :(

Article 2/22/13, 3:35 PM

#7 + 1

Article 1/11/13, 12:52 PM

#2 It's obviously because the zerg players are much more skilled than the players of other races :D

Article 12/22/12, 5:15 PM
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