Kinguin FTW. They are the big surprise of the tournament and are likely to carry this momentum into their next game vs Col. Check more predictions at 'DotA2warehousePredictions' on Facebook! We are on a huge roll at the moment! All free!

Match 11/24/17, 4:52 AM

This game, will be so close. and B01.... you know the teams will be pulling out their craziest strategies. Nonetheless, Col have been looking good in comparison to Mineski who have been looking sloppy since losing their status as the number one team in SEA. For more FREE predictions check out 'DotA2WarehousePredictions' on Facebook. We are on a roll so far, predicting every game correct and the map score, except one (LFY WHYYY). Check us out. We provide our predictions free and just want to share them with the dota community.

Match 11/23/17, 1:00 PM

LFY. The stronger of the two teams. Vega have not been playing well. LFY can take it all the way with the way they have been playing, despite losing to NewB, who are also looking very good. For more predictions check out 'DotA2WarehousePredictions' on Facebook! We have predicted every game except one correctly, with map score. ALL FREE. We win, you win too.

Match 11/23/17, 12:57 PM

This game is going to be tight. Kinguin 2-1. They topped their group while Vega barely made it. KInguin are coming in hot and will carry this momentum to a win. Check out 'DotA2WarehousePredictions' to see more hot predictions. Free, no catch. Just some keen betters sharing their predictions with everyone else. Keen? Yeah.

Match 11/22/17, 12:14 PM

LFY 2-1 Calling it now. Don't @Me. Why? LFY have been playing well in the groups. NewB have not. NewB also have the throwing genes. They choke in the games that count. This is one of those games. Check out more of these predictions at 'DotA2WarehousePredictions' on Facebook! We are on a roll, join our new budding community!

Match 11/22/17, 12:11 PM

I actually cannot believe the odds for Mineski to win are so high. They have been off form since losing to Fnatic repeatedly in SEA, while VC have been looking hot this tournament. 2-0 EZ for VC. For more predictions check out: 'DotA2WarehousePredictions'. We update our predictions daily to make sure you know who will win or be crushed. If you love betting as much as we do, you will want to see what we have to say. All fun and pure predictions. Thats it. Peace.

Match 11/22/17, 1:35 AM

secret, 2ez. Even with Cty as a standin they are looking way stronger than Col, who have even pulled out their 'secret' strats and still lost. Clearly suffering from low morale at the moment. To see all the hottest predictions check out: 'DotA2WarehousePredictions'. We don't expect anything in return, it's just for fun, we are betters too and want to win just as much as you guys. Everyone can be a winner, yeah.

Match 11/22/17, 1:30 AM