That's why meepo was banned on all XctN games, except for that one game where CoL lost. Even EHOME didn't dare to leave the hero for Abed to pick. Swindlez should start study his opponent before talk big, really. Not that it matters now, TI is over for CoL and very deserving of them, I just don't understand why people would put them over EHOME on prediction, they were not even performing well since, like what, Shainghai?, where they placed 5-6. Since then CoL has been having abysmal result, getting knockout early on every tournaments they attended. Even the addition of Nahaz didn't do much for them (kinda expected though).

Article 8/4/16, 9:01 AM

CoL tried to be smart against CoL that game 2. I don't know what they had in mind but it's obvious they don't plan for a Meepo (did they forget Abed is godly on the hero?). After having sven banned, they go for clock pick for the sole purpose of giving SF early souls (it worked well for SF early) but as consequences they lost the tools to pressure the meepo early on. Despite playing a line up that rely on items and levels to be effective, CoL forced much early game movements, which were mostly failed. They never killed the geomancer, and worst was how their play on mid game, Chessie on Ember got caught multiple times, and they started losing clash. To be honest their play was so uncoordinated, eventhough they have two big ultimates and dagger on sandking, their ultimates rarely landed optimally and that leads to a 0 death game for Geomancer. Once Abed has blink dagger, he was all over the place, killing CoL heroes right and left and since the ember never get the chance to really shine early on he never get to have the so much needed battlefury to deal with the geomancer. It must also be noted the fact that Ember rarely got involved early on, he stayed to his farm but couple of reckless farming put his progress on hold. One thing is sure this CoL deserve to lose.

Article 8/3/16, 10:03 AM

I enjoy more the fact that CoL is out. Is Swindlez retiring now? cause they only made a cameo at TI6.

Article 8/3/16, 9:45 AM

I think the Groups are well balanced. Since everyone have different opinions it's never possible to come up with a group distribution that will satisfy everyone. I don't understand why people still don't see MVP as a strong contender, they might have lost badly against OG at Manila but they have already shown that they are capable of reaching top 6 Majors twice. The only hole in their performance is the fact that they are too QO-reliant. Fnatic has also been a force to be reckon with, albeit their instablitiy and tendency to swap roles. TI is not like majors that follows format that punish slow start, so teams that are naturally strong should be able to survive the groups. Group A's winners whould be OG, Wings, Navi, LGD. Group B's winners should be Newbee, Liquid, MVP. One remaining spot will be either Secret Fnatic or EHOME.

Article 8/2/16, 7:00 AM

teams should have prepared for this in advance I think since it's not something new. Not that I want to blame though, since I don't know how complicated it is to apply for visa. Probably Valve can give qualifier contestant some incentive so they can apply for visa before they qualify for the main even? it's weird that LGD of all team should have this problem since they are among the direct invites so they should have quite some time to prepare Sep's visa. Again I don't know how long it takes to apply for it, but seeing this problem has happened time and again, obviously either Valve or the teams should prepare some way to deal with it.

Article 7/29/16, 4:21 AM

true, that particular game 4 was like a masterclass of Wings show. They dealt with Huskar tremendeously well and that sb pick which was bashed early on by the casters really paid off with that one play. I hate to compare articles between sites, but I have to admit that JD's was so much better on covering this match. Game 2 was a bat and Invoke show by Wings, they make OG's Io hardly playing on that game. Combo lasso + SS make sure that they can take a hero even though it's just bat going alone. Also one gank at Dire jungle denied Miracle's BoT at 1966 gold.

Article 7/22/16, 8:31 AM

This wings, they don't play like Newbee who dominates opponent slowly but surely, kind of style that you see from OG and Liquid too. Their games are rather more dynamics, with ups and downs but somehow they almost always able to make their draft works. They are amazing on their own way, with the way they draft and play around it. Suddenly teams started drafting around how wings draft, like Shadow Demon, Elder Titan etc. They are definitely a dark horse to watch for at Summit, and probably even TI, if they can keep their form.

Article 7/15/16, 11:11 AM

shadow demon is gaining popularity, as he should be after wings' ridiculous show at Nanyang. I wonder if Icefrog will nerf his disruption before TI, I hope so , I don't wish to see disruption illusion crushing game late on so easily.

Article 7/14/16, 7:56 AM