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to be fair, his void don't really need the bash. most kills he got comes from chronosphere. but yeah that was one amazing void game by shadow.

Article 8/16/16, 10:40 AM

Yeah Iceice had some crazy stomp/ulti on ET, this guy is absolute beast on the hero. I definitely don't want to play against his ET. That game against EG when he trhew his ultimate blocking PPD's escape route was epic. He threw it a bit to the left and when PPD tried to juke it to the right Wings heroes were coming from there. He ate the ult and died short after. Then there's that clash against MVP game 2 where wings took 4-0 against MVP.

Article 8/16/16, 10:36 AM

yeah. they might have been exhausted after series against EG. Nonetheless DC have done amazing this TI.

Article 8/14/16, 11:22 PM

you know OG 2-0 TNC at group but TNC 2-0 them on main stage so yeah I believe Wings can 3-0 TNC if they meet at grandfinal

Article 8/14/16, 11:21 PM

This was one of the fastest grandfinal report so it's knda understandable that the quality is poor. Like game 4, it's actually DC winning at some time. They claimed gem from the bat just when NS has got his Aghs. They had fairly huge lead at that point too. But then a poor engagement at Dire forest cost them 3. Then another one near roshan cost them another 3 and an Aegis. W33's choice on not getting BKB later on cost him so much. He died bottom chasing retreated Wings while his teammates were behind. And he died again after an attempt to pick Axe was thwarthed by the bat and AM who was around at the moment. Wings then proceed to destory DC's racks mid and top. Game 3 that Void was indeed amazing. I believe the score was 20 - 0. Game 2 was actually even. The void didn't get to shine as much as he did on game 3, but it was Invoker that claim the spot. And on both Game 2 and 3 it's difficult to not mention a wonderful Oracle play by Wings.

Article 8/14/16, 11:19 PM

yeah, MVP had been to several big tourneys and this year they started to shine. TnC being the young squad themselves has little to none experience in a big stage. Demon definitely help them to keep composure under such a high tense match. I still can't believe OG could lose just like that, they seemed lost when their strategy is not working they way they hope it would. Not that it matters now. They lost and they are now out.

Article 8/10/16, 9:10 AM

wrong draft game 3 on the article.

Article 8/9/16, 9:31 AM

that game 3 wings just crushed DC. The chen was amazing, that first blood that happen was really smart by Iceice, he saw Oracle pulling and send centaur (creeps) under the very nose of the Oracle to the right side of the jungle to rotate from behind. That set up for a follow up stun from the Centaur (hero). Misery played out of his mind to keep DC on the game, but against centaur timber and slark that constantly jumping on top of DC heroes, they couldn't really do much really. The rubick was also great with his spellsteal, stealing the likes of smokescreen and lasso. When I saw that game 2 I thought Wings might have just thrown their upper bracket run but Wings came back even stronger on game 3.

Article 8/9/16, 9:29 AM
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