• Name Sebastian Padilla
  • Location Chile
  • Primary game DotA

TeddyPicker's activity

RDU too stronk

Match 8/25/14, 12:11 AM

who is the captain? Dai?

Article 9/15/11, 2:45 PM

#7 LOL

Article 2/16/11, 7:26 PM

the game will be play at 5 am for me 8( gogo nv.my

Article 10/16/10, 10:31 PM

Yamateh + mushi > all

Article 10/8/10, 9:09 AM

i don't see nirvana.my :S

Article 9/24/10, 11:13 PM

no chinese teams invited? D: TeG, Tribal.int and LAN are in so low level to going to paris

Article 6/3/10, 7:08 AM

i hope to see kwom soon. nice to see twisted again.

Article 5/18/10, 2:39 AM
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