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I'm sorry to mention but it's CEO. " Philip Aram, who has been managing the Dota team for the last couple of years, will be taking over the position of COO". I think 4 position as a playmaker has a really important rule in a team. EG needs to bring back fear to pos 5 I guess and Cr1t back to pos 4. he can deliver based on his history in OG. but as a captain Cr1t needs to learn more.

Article 8/30/17, 9:00 PM

I think they have to set some ground rules. I don't know if there's any. but Esport is not like other sports. Some teams don't live long. U can see now that EE team is disbanded and maybe they can attend next season with another roster. but to me, it's not fair.

Article 8/24/17, 10:07 AM

I never said that he's bad. I just said he wasn't consistent. he was just new to TI. Same thing happened to Miracle last year. Although they lost as a team As they won majors as a team. P.S: I suppose u mean 2 majors, not 3.

Article 8/24/17, 12:03 AM

Interesting Fact. Cloud9( EE stack former team NP) withdrew from dreamleauge Season 7 and they were banned from DreamLeague for an entire year. I guess they didn't know that this is going to be a major(proof>>>http://www.gosugamers.net/dota2/news/44533-np-receive-one-year-ban-from-dreamleague) :D I wonder if they can change the rules and have mercy on them.

Article 8/23/17, 11:44 PM

I guess u're right. they kicked ana somehow and they made it look like it was his decision. But What do we know! Ana is not a consistent Midlaner BTW. He Choke Time to time

Article 8/17/17, 11:55 PM

That's the story of being space creator. When u are doing it, there have always been a chance of being caught. this is the way u give ur carry space to farm. and that Nature prophet play from Mind_Control Force Newbee to first Phase ban it in game 2 and 3 against liquid. We should give him a credit. PPD Admit that on the panel. I Hate Salty PPD btw :D

Article 8/13/17, 12:39 PM

I believe what liquid experienced in LB run was a reason that gave them so much confidence coming into the grand finals. After struggling against TS in LW round 2 they found themselves. enabling Miracle to carry the game. And I'm super happy for kuro. After all these years he deserved it. and he gained it in an excellent style. Liquids are no longer doing it. they Have Done it.

Article 8/13/17, 12:28 PM

Honestly, As panel said Mind_Control was the MVP.The One that created space for Miracle and matu. he actually made Admiral_Bulldog proud on that Rat Nature Prophet man :D

Article 8/13/17, 12:16 PM
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