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OG.Dendi Pos 5. NoTail back to carry

Article 1/4/19, 5:45 AM

Leave him aside, he is free to sound his opinion etc etc. In any case, I believe the correct action has been made. Valve officially announced that they are the one banning Kuku. And now they are giving penalty to TNC since TNC are trying to cover things up. Shame for TNC though... seems like they cant handle things professionally. Not sure what they did but i think this will damage the reputation of Philipines' Dota

Article 12/4/18, 3:42 AM

Valve and TNC should be the one giving punishment for Kuku. Not the Government. So whats next? Ban Kuku if TNC qualify for TI? That would trigger a massive outrage from the dota community.

Article 12/3/18, 7:25 PM

I dont really like the wild card thing. So biased and unfair. Teams with high fanbase like Navi will be prioritized most of the time.

Article 6/12/18, 2:19 AM

I'd prefer they take 1 spot from NA and 1 spot from CN (considering they already have 4 teams) to EU and CIS.

Article 6/11/18, 1:41 PM

Hows the role going to be? 1 Ana 2 Topson 3 Notail/Mad 4 Jerax 5 Notail/Mad??? I'd rather see Mad as a support so that he can be the captain. Ive seen Notail on pos 3, although his hero pool is limited for this role, i think he'll do just fine

Article 6/5/18, 4:39 PM

What does it mean with "teams who do not qualify for the Major will be eligible to compete in the Minor qualifiers a few days later"??? Does it mean that teams that qualify for the major cant participate in the minor? Dont really like the idea if this is the case

Article 6/5/18, 4:32 PM

I think its best to say its balanced because each group will have 2 favourites and 2 underdogs. Except probably group D since they have Optic who is really good lately. A: favourite: Liquid Newbee, underdogs: Navi Spirit B: fav: VP Vici, udogs: EG TNC C: fav: Secret Mski, udogs: VGJStorm TFT D: fav: LGD Thunder Optic, udogs: infamous

Article 6/1/18, 4:15 AM
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