thanks. really didnt notice that when we read thru it. its fixed

Article 5/16/15, 5:00 AM

Thanks a lot for this. We actually received no info about the Chinese side but I will add this in now since that you mention it :) The reason we know more about the other qualifiers is because we communicated with FaceIT

Article 5/16/15, 12:11 AM

yeah sorry about that. it is fixed now. he meant basically unknown, not burden united. anyway, bbc did register for the qualifiers.

Article 5/15/15, 7:18 PM

ah sorry i copied the wrong code. fixing now

Article 5/14/15, 10:29 PM

hello sir, i am not saying my is better than rave or rave is better than my but i am merely reporting the fact as i see it. they did lose under 47 minutes or are you disputing that i am wrong? all that facts considered, team my was formed after the start of the qualifiers for the summit 3 and it was too late to join. rave was not invited, they qualified for it which i think is an impressive feat. they deserve to be there but this doesnt change the fact vg rolled through them, then rolled through cloud 9 after. this article was published 5 minutes after the game ended

Article 5/14/15, 2:55 AM

thanks for that! :D

Article 5/14/15, 1:34 AM

i keep things separated. if eg gets owned 17 minutes again next game, i shud be writing the same style about them too

Article 5/13/15, 9:42 PM

gabe newell, the co-founder of valve

Article 5/2/15, 5:33 PM