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rocket510's activity

So there will be no more Winter Major?

Article 11/2/16, 12:23 PM

Agree with adlanor, team chemistry and play style are the most important factor. Dunno if Fnatic gonna change their approach for the games from now on or not.

Article 5/8/16, 5:16 AM

I believe when swapping the sub with the prim. players, the agreement between the two is required. I think Net did not agree and hence got kicked. Since then, Fnatic already broke the rules. I am waiting if Valve would do something with it.

Article 5/8/16, 5:14 AM

Hmm. I hope EHOME can win this because if VG win the game, they also have no chance against TS or EG or even OG since VG's mid-lane will get dominated early and I doubt that Super can recover while playing under pressure, hence winning the game for VG in this situation is extremely hard. But EH is different, I feel that oldchicken and Cty are the better mid player compared to Super and EH's strat is more flexible so, EH vs OG, TS or EG would be a more interesting match up to watch.

Match 11/20/15, 12:03 PM

Both team played really really well, don't be discouraged CDEC and congratz for EG with the first TI champions for NA Dota

Article 8/9/15, 7:58 AM

Plz bring either PA or Slark on this game

Match 8/8/15, 5:09 AM

Well played EG and CDEC, good luck for both, especially EG, would it be the first TI tittle for NA dota?

Article 8/6/15, 8:30 PM

Well, I can point out some reasons for Secret loss after watching these 2 games: 1. They got outpicked pretty heavily. 2. Zai's hero pool is not big enough. I think they would try to draft BM or Tusk for him in the 2nd or 3rd pick in next game vs iG I guess. 3. s4 level of performance is just average. They need to step up quickly if they want to fight against iG although iG has been proved as one of their easiest opponents (winning 8 matches consecutively)

Article 8/5/15, 12:51 PM
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