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after various unexpected transfer dealt on the other team and team secret havent pick player for their post yet, easy prediction to count in FATA- as the biggest potential candidate there, but as carry not offlane. i belive puppey and management miss alot of target on this transfer and i think there are some switch role on FATA- with MidOne if he go on carry but this happend. FATA- go offlane and not really familiar with this ACE guy. i think MidOne mid will dominance once again with this roster and once again experimental offlane player after khezu case will roll.. GL this season Team Secret ^_^ (anyway i like idea Yap on offlane and puppey ask w33 on 4pos b4 that unexpected team formed XD)

Article 9/7/17, 3:23 AM

yep, just like i prediction afterall, i think this can make SEA region better since the faceless gone, fanatic and mineski rebuild their roster, basicly TnC the only powerhouse on SEA and that thing is not good definitely. so, with MvP comin mean more quantity with good quality Dota stacking on SEA region and i think its great. GL SEA

Article 9/2/17, 8:12 AM

MVP.P old roster coming

Article 8/26/17, 2:49 AM

u just love mid laner player huh? LOL

Article 8/15/17, 3:48 PM

seems like reso on pos 1 and i dont know who gonna pos 3 thought. i dont dislike MP and khezu, but MP has chance to regroup his MVP.P after Forev reveal some korean thought to overseas and for khezu, honestly he is adapting this game soooo fast and he getting better every match (nobody perfect on executing descison). maybe his inexperience not the answere pupey need so yeah. i hope team secret got someone who flashy enough on his 1st pos but bigger hero pool then EE-sama. and low ego 3rd pos like khezu with more experience on dota scene. GL team secret, u guys just unlucky face on fire team liquid back then ^_^ (sry for bad spelling thought)

Article 8/14/17, 2:07 PM

in my opinion, the problem on team secret not the indvidual incompetence or player ability, changing the roster wont be change the results (actually i like previous formation). the problem is about the hero drafting i guess. maybe some ppl will point the finger on puppey and i need agree with that, but as player he is good. as captain and drafter? well.. learn more buddy.. anyway, im one of puppey fans. GL on TI, im supporting on u ^_^

Article 5/5/17, 4:44 PM
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