• Name david hess
  • Location Germany
  • Date of birth May 16, 1990
  • Primary game DotA

CiX's activity

lmao the chinese are the most racist people i know in dota, never cheering for a foreign team when they play vs a chinese one. Ching chong is not nice, but the reaction with the ban, a percentage of his earnings cut is just ridiculous. i hope that more ppl stand up against this bullshit and dont attend/spend money to those organisations/china. how some people can defend such tyrannical behaviour is beyond me.

Article 12/5/18, 6:26 PM

fuck puppey. im glad this maniac is out, well done liquid!

Article 2/24/18, 9:32 AM

scared of keyboard warriors? are you afraid that they hurt your precious feelings lmao. i wonder what you would do if a real fighter stands in front of you and bullies you physically..

Article 8/15/17, 11:54 AM

i hoped they would do it, but didnt think they could, china seemed just too strong this time. watching liquid slay the chinese peasants gave me a rock solid erection, yet i was very touched by how moved kuro seemed when liquid won the tournament. congratz to the great guys, you have also earned the title dragonslayers

Article 8/13/17, 9:33 AM

if navi aims for titles and top3 finishes at big tournaments, i cant see dendi winning vs the superstars like sumail, miracle, midone, noone etc. those players deliver pretty much everygame, while the todays dendi just isnt comparable to those players for quite some time now. id really like to see a big and strong navi with their face, dondo again, and hope he will get his shit together and find his confidence in the midlane back. watching him today feels like hes somewhat broken, a shadow from his former self. if he somehow manages to recover, navi would surely be a huge step farther. but as it is now, i dont see much hope for navi either, the kicking of biver and pajkatt seems just like scapegoating to me.

Article 8/1/17, 2:31 PM

why are so many players banned in SA? did i miss something? :D

Article 6/19/17, 11:50 PM

but what happens, when the guy who says "youre an idiot" is actually right? or to be more specific; that lolda indeed realized, that he isnt good anymore? the only fools here are the likes who cant understand and admit that he wasnt able to compete at a high level for the past few years now. achieving things in the past doesnt change the fact that he has, as a player, no relevance today. the world moves on, regardless if you understand it or not, and regardless of your attempts to insult the people who actually get it right. the idol has fallen since years, isnt interesting anymore, hasnt done anything interesting since idk, deal with it.

Article 6/10/17, 7:37 PM

anneedroid? hopefully not as caster, cant get over her voice. is there a russian panel?

Article 6/9/17, 10:47 PM
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