I'll talk to Database folks and see why they have it listed that way... you are correct, its 1 point per win and thats all... I didn't pay attention to what their tables awarded since i don't create or contribute to those! thanks

Article 10/25/18, 10:59 AM

It not true at all... there are plenty of pro stacks that either 1. take time to pull together enough with synergy and playstyles or 2. just don't make it (lets look at examples like Big God or even other iterations of other big Chinese orgs, not to mention when we see even teams like the TI3 Alliance reform and have no achievements etc). Its written from a perspective that this team just formed a few weeks ago and it is the first big LAN with all top names teams and it was not sure what to expect, let alone some teams going undefeated over teams that have been together awhile like VP etc.

Article 10/25/18, 10:58 AM

Since I said so :') .... thats what I get for watching RedBull while writing about ESL .... thanks for pointing it out! Its fixed

Article 10/21/18, 8:40 AM

agreed! But I do feel it was under-advertised and felt like there was very little attention given to it.

Article 10/8/18, 8:08 AM

No, its not part of the DPC

Article 9/28/18, 7:59 PM

No OG, no Team Liquid or LGD...I assume some of these teams turned down the invite

Article 9/28/18, 4:11 PM

well... winner of the minor does get the last slot for the Major so it makes sense for them to go for it xD

Article 9/23/18, 7:40 AM

They were knocked out early. The invites were the next 2-3 teams in line that didn't qualify for the Major.

Article 9/23/18, 7:39 AM