mental health is anything including stress and burnout. Its a term that describes it right. It doesn't connote anything serious unless the reader passes their own judgement and stigma on it.

Article 6/21/19, 6:32 AM

If you can give me specific feedback (here or via message) I will pass it on the developers and designers as feedback and suggestions for change!

Article 5/24/19, 9:42 AM

I think its done in advance to prevent teams from facing each other again as much as possible. If they stayed in the same bracket range there is a big chance for a re-match.

Article 5/11/19, 1:28 PM

The author is native Chinese and translated it directly! If you also are native speaker, its interesting you have differing translations.

Article 4/24/19, 6:21 AM

Based on their post and pre game interviews and their recorded content pieces, I can say they have been very humble in all of them. Its all good ;)

Article 4/7/19, 9:39 AM

The rankings didn't change until the even concluded so at the time of the event they were still ranked 2 with Team Secret in 1 and now they have swapped places. We use the official Valve DPC rankings when reporting so until events are over and Valve updates we keep the same scores.

Article 3/25/19, 12:53 PM

pfff thats what i get when preparing two previews for events that overlap :') Thank you, corrected!

Article 2/19/19, 7:10 AM

I'll double check it all though

Article 1/29/19, 7:59 AM