Clearly this system is in need of a major overhaul ... not confident things will change anytime soon unless Valve steps in tho...

Article 5/24/17, 8:46 AM

ACE membership/ban does not extend to Valve events.

Article 5/24/17, 7:23 AM

All of that is not 100% accurate and we have been in touch with ACE about the situation. There will be info forthcoming on it. For the now the article is based around EHOME and their roster that will play together.

Article 5/24/17, 7:23 AM

whoops that got through 2 editors too :') thanks for the heads up!

Article 5/19/17, 5:54 PM

Thats the link the official site gave lol... just researched and changed it, should be fine now!

Article 4/18/17, 6:34 AM

PGL provided that example... lets hope that's not we can expect from the actual scorekeeping xD

Article 4/15/17, 5:47 PM

whoops corrected thanks! Got too used to writing about Malaysia ;).. and i am also looking forward to seeing this team in action!

Article 4/4/17, 7:33 PM