it was yyf not iceiceice... there was a mistake in it being reported

Article 7/4/17, 8:50 PM

yea it was corrected thanks!

Article 7/1/17, 12:36 PM

Hey we drank from the same kool-aid! I predicted the very same! Whoops... can't say I am displeased with SEA performances and results so far at all tho!

Article 6/28/17, 1:48 PM

Fixed and thanks... idk why i had it in my head he left and returned :( thanks for pointing it out!

Article 6/24/17, 11:48 PM

Its a great way to scout or find new players/teams you haven't seen before imo!

Article 6/23/17, 2:49 PM

Ack what a dingbat! Thanks for that ;)

Article 6/22/17, 7:17 AM

after the delay for the typhoon they changed the format and the structure ... its been a bit confusing for viewers and seems unfortunate for the teams but I guess this is how they figured it would work best in the same time frame.

Article 6/15/17, 4:59 PM

great point and interesting perspective I had not considered. Thanks for the feedback. Titles are a weak point, love this approach. Cheers!

Article 6/11/17, 9:40 AM