Both of these examples are grammatically correct. Tense changes within a sentence are acceptable. OP suggested mistakes, preferences are another story - however duly noted the feedback. Cheers!

Article 6/11/17, 2:57 AM

Feel free to pm the author to point out areas they and the proofreader/editor might have missed! I, myself am always open to messages regarding feedback. Cheers

Article 6/10/17, 10:28 PM

They have not indicated yet who or from where the replacement team will come from. Sorry

Article 6/2/17, 8:40 AM

Has not yet been announced

Article 6/2/17, 7:03 AM

Right! That's because B1/B2 is sufficient visa to cover small (even TI) events! Ph embassy is the only one that asks for the PI instead. It SEEMS to me that its an issue in their understanding then. P1 is typically used for players that will temporarily relocate to the US to play, receive a salary and train like what coL had to do for the Swedes last year. It specifically states P1 is a temporary WORK visa. In that case, the $5k and time line is justified. B1 specifically states: "Athlete, amateur or professional (competing for prize money only)"

Article 6/2/17, 7:03 AM

Clearly this system is in need of a major overhaul ... not confident things will change anytime soon unless Valve steps in tho...

Article 5/24/17, 8:46 AM

ACE membership/ban does not extend to Valve events.

Article 5/24/17, 7:23 AM

All of that is not 100% accurate and we have been in touch with ACE about the situation. There will be info forthcoming on it. For the now the article is based around EHOME and their roster that will play together.

Article 5/24/17, 7:23 AM