• Name Srdjan Zlatkovic
  • Location Serbia
  • Date of birth Nov 20, 1989
  • Primary game StarCraft 2

RamiZ's activity

Damn, HOTS is awesome! Skill increased for all three races by a huge margin, and that is the reason you see Foreign falling behind, it will probably be a lot closer to the BW than to the WoL. And I must say majority of the games are awesome! Not just awesome, but amazingly awesome! A lot of action everywhere, run-bys, Drops, pushes, back and forth action, micro intensive battles. And this is only the first HOTS tournament after the release, it will just get better and better! ;D

Article 3/17/13, 1:05 PM

Actually PL's power comes a lot from KOTL, if he is banned, you won't see PL that often. Nerfing the KOTL might be the right way, since he is definitely the strongest pick nowadays.

Article 3/16/13, 4:40 PM

I don't really think that Medivac speed should be reduced, maybe to 4.00, but I think that if they want some way to nerf them, they should add upgrade for that ability. But the HOTS just started, we don't know yet, we have to wait a bit and see if Protoss have an answer to those Medivacs before we nerf anything.

Article 3/16/13, 10:36 AM

#31 Epic, lol. :D

Article 3/11/13, 8:59 PM

Great interview, would love to see him try HOTS! :D Such a great player, really hope that he would come back. And once again, great interview, never seen LoH giving answers that are detailed like this. Love it! :) And lol @#14, I would like to see the whole conversation. :)

Article 3/11/13, 6:17 PM

#1 It is gg.net, teamliquid is full of comments. There aren't many people here that watches competitive SC2 scene, like there are for DotA and DotA 2 sections. Nydra, do you maybe know about Ret vs. First games? I can't find the VODs. Did they record it? Twitch, Youtube, anything? :/

Article 3/9/13, 10:17 AM

I hope Violet goes through, but I doubt that he has any chance vs. MVP.

Article 3/9/13, 10:15 AM

#2 Would love to see YYF on Pudge. :D

Article 3/8/13, 6:08 PM
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