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#36 Why would he even care continuing DotA lol? SC2 has better prizes, more respected and soon DotA 2 will come. I'd be surprised if he soon doesn't go inactive until DotA 2 come out.

Article 4/11/11, 8:19 PM

Good interview. Although, what's this suppose to mean??? [quote]Since you form one third of what GosuGamers would call Europe's Three Legendary Pokemo--err, support players, we feel as though it's our duty to help the community learn as much about support play as we possibly can. “Okay.”[/quote]

Article 4/7/11, 3:24 PM

Why aren't MYM, GGnet or any other professional team participating?

Article 4/6/11, 6:52 PM

#4 Unpapayacoconut got pregnant with my baby.

Article 4/1/11, 11:06 PM

LOL why interview Kongotime about such subjects and not Ange? Or is this some April fools joke?

Article 4/1/11, 9:10 PM

#108 Problem is you're from a totally different society than what we have in Sweden, so it's hard to have an argument about feminism, so it's pointless to continue that discussion. Sure they should be treated by their skill. But aren't they? Srsly, if she can't prove it has happened, it hasn't? Take the fnatic CS girls.. Sure some people would consider some of them hot, but they are nodoubt skilled aswell. So sure she can claim so, but it's just a pointless statement unless she can't find an example of it. And we have to keep this community to DotA-restricted newssite lol. It's fine if you define some argument by taking a reallife example, but until now, in what you wrote, she has taken some random examples as to what guys are treating women IRL and applied it to this article.. She can take up how bad it is that CS girls make smaller amounts of money than CS guys but what the heck does that got to do with DotA? The site should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES become political, that's my point. And frankly, without any example of some of the things she writes has ACTUALLY happened in the DotA scene, it's bad journalism to write it. And that's my point to why this is just a whine article and why this news is so pointless and crappy.

Article 3/29/11, 1:23 AM

#104 Have you looked out of window lately? What the definition of feminism is and what actually happens in reality is two VERY different things. I can only refer to Sweden but here the reality of feminism is Women throwing stones at strip clubs because they think its wrong towards women. That's how feminism looks today. This article is one big wall of whine, in which the author has embedded some "general tips for how women could succeed in DotA". For example this "Presently, there is no female player (in a gender-blind team) that's competing in an official international roster. I believe there should be a standard also for female DotA players." You will say she's just expressing her feelings but cmon, read it between the lines "there's only men-dominating DotA, create female-dota.. I DONT KNOW HOW, BUT CREATE IT!!" "But it's different when you're a girl gamer. Apparently, physical appearance is the PRIMARY requirement if you ever wanted to make it big-- never mind skill or talent." This one is even more obvious and frankly, a direct lie. Looks helps ofc, but only take you so far. It's a naive thought that indirectly blame men i.e feminism. "Let me put it as simply as I can: while noobie boys get 0 skill points, girls get a generous -100 skill points default. Now isn't that gentlemanly of them?" Dont even need to comment this one... "When boys play DotA, they say "luck is no excuse" and attribute their victory to their "amazing skills". Girls, on the other hand, get "lucky"... ALL THE TIME. We're not given nearly the same benefit of the doubt as the male players are. " This one is maybe the most naive one.. A four-year-old girl on the playground could write this one.. I can continue through the whole article. About the cleavage. I took the example from the article to prove the article childish, which it proves. A woman can dress herself how the fuck she wants, and ofcourse she wants people (whether its nerds or brad pitt) saying how sexy she is. This shouldn't even be an argument from the author's side.

Article 3/28/11, 11:06 PM

#99 trolling? Ehm no.. give me one example? What I wrote is how it is.. how the reality is. If then boys in white armour want to come and write "OMG, writing "sexy" is soo imature, stop it" let em.. But they objectify women certainly more than the other guys do.

Article 3/28/11, 9:46 PM

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