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Kuronokenshi6's activity

Since this roster claimed under banner c9 they play so choked as shit .. they isn't bad but c9 banner like curse for EE, top 3 manila masters with almost rekt EG and unbeaten in NA qualifiers as team NP make them looks like top underdog for TI. suddenly they choked and get position 2 from bottom in group and direct go home in bo1 elimination by team empire.

Article 8/24/17, 4:50 PM

EG and IG just make a single run in lower bracket .. and Liquid just started with losses in upper and make amazing run in lower, just like OG in frankfurt major

Article 8/13/17, 5:04 AM

well they make a big improve since GH coming in .. but yeah like you said they so far in 2 major+ DAC even not qualified for boston, even it epicenter they suck in group stage but i dont know man they just doing it win epicenter, win dreamleague and win TI

Article 8/13/17, 5:02 AM

It's true .. in the past maybe they such a super team and win ti or something, but now back to reality based for they perform and record .. even Navi i think its not tier 1 team anymore in a world, in cis region maybe they are .. in worldwide i think nah what i can see from last they perform or LAN i think tier 1 team based region is America : EG, Europe : OG,Liquid, maybe u can put team secret in there lol, sea i dont know we can call them tier 1 team even faceless team, china : newbee,wings, and cis : virtus pro

Article 2/21/17, 9:23 AM

well tbh they win WESG is great achievment, but in that event they only compete with like tier 2 teams from all region .. its like you win against junior high school team but want direct invite in senior high school event smh

Article 2/21/17, 4:08 AM
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