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  • Date of birth Sep 11, 1981
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Match 5/18/13, 1:14 PM

Blaming games does not bring out the best in player. Yes, Sharky did a huge mistake, but for this tournament, no one would wanted any of this especially him himself. But life always hit back on us hard. But is kudos that him would take the full responsibility in this matter. I would foresee a disappointment but a never disband or dismissal of Sharky. If they do, I think MUFC is not ready for the tournament yet. For the Host, is the right decision that rules are meant to be followed. Strict rules is a must or else others will treat it as jokes either way. But my own opinion, Valve should make certain exception, such as this, for examples. Accidents and justifiable events should have a chance to recover instead of total disallowed of the team. For examples. If you are having an important final exams in school, they will still give you another chance if you do fall sick or met an accident, provided with justifiable documents from certified organizations. A total disallowed in this matter, to me, is wind up too much unfairness. Consider that the amount of time, financial and efforts the team have put up to get into this events(especially the air tickets is darn not cheap). Penalty such as w/o for all team which have tournament with MUFC until the full team arrived? I think those should be sufficient in this case. But nevertheless, we still respect the decision of Valve. But I still stands in the shoes of fairness and professionalism in games. Mistakes are suppose to follow by responsibilities. Learn the mistake and never repeat it in future. May the Professional Games will always begins with Professionalism.

Article 8/27/12, 3:20 PM

Everyone is Key Player for NaVi. And thanks to Valve to make sure this full team able to go to Seattle. We will have one hell of a battle in Seattle.. GL NaVi.. all the best!!

Article 8/16/12, 2:53 PM

No matter what is the reason, they will still have to abide by the rules. Apologizing for such event means they do take everything seriously. Professionalism and humbleness. Lets hope they will have a better game scheduling in future. GL

Article 7/28/12, 5:41 PM


Article 7/18/12, 5:43 PM

Yup...trollling with 5 agi or 5 int hero. I would like to see that for sure..

Article 7/3/12, 9:15 AM

Inviting a long standing First placer in div2? Are we joking? So what is the point of gosu ranking?

Article 7/3/12, 8:32 AM

"If MiSeRy will invite me to a team, I would leave Na`Vi in no time." LOLOLOLOLOL....

Article 6/16/12, 4:44 PM
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