well tlo is gonna lose in any way vs select not a big deal at all

Article 8/27/11, 12:23 AM

everything is more then needed just... WTF w/ the ultras?! Blizz got to be on something harder these days --;

Article 8/26/11, 10:15 AM

Lol NA With everyone Europe with... just Russia ;o Where all the Russians play in... Europe Just ROFL stupid blizz

Article 7/12/11, 10:34 AM

next step TossGirl!

Article 5/16/11, 3:18 PM

great read!! thx for the interview like it ! ;

Article 3/31/11, 6:47 PM

all of the maps are fucked up, especially slug pits! :&

Article 3/4/11, 10:14 AM

It's on the PTR and may be some of the changes won't be reality (as it was for patch 1.2). We might need to wait a month or two for the patch i suppose.

Article 2/26/11, 10:59 PM

this patch notes are the thing which will make me stop playing this game! I hope they won't be true but i'm losing hope.

Article 2/26/11, 10:26 PM