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Because I'm too far from UK, LUL

Article 3/14/18, 7:13 AM

Goodluck wherever you go, Merlini. We'll miss you.

Article 2/19/18, 2:12 AM

Yea.. mostly the US embassy tries as hard as they could to prevent any visitors from overstaying. It happens to my countrymen too. But as long as we have jobs, or business, and house back in our country generally it's not hard to get a US Visa. They will think that we have something to go back to from the US to our country. But then what I curious is, can't these players just inform the embassy in the interview, something like, 'we are bound to LGD/LFY's contract so we must go back to China, or they will fire us.' ? And also mention any of the upcoming Dota events elsewhere (worldwide, or China-based, no matter the Tiers, no matter the locations), that they have to attend to so they must exit the US pretty soon. Do these kind of reason work ? Have any of the chinese players tried this argument ?

Article 7/17/17, 12:50 PM

Not sure if it's true that iceiceice joins Mushi yet, but.. well, people in the Doto scene gave Mushi respect too much, especially in SEA. So even if iceiceice joined him I also think it'll be Mushi taking the lead.

Article 7/5/17, 2:56 PM

LUL. failed to become one of the Yonkou, iceiceice disbands his Pirate crews. xD Congrats to the chosen ones, Universe, Kuroky, Puppey, and DDC.

Article 7/5/17, 12:33 PM

hmmm.. interesting point to take there. Also, the closer a tourney dated toward the International, the more the points it offers too. So probably big teams will focus more on the later tourneys and neglects the earlier ones to smaller teams ? Or even the organizers will compete each other out in lobbying Valve to get their tourney scheduled near the TI ?

Article 7/4/17, 1:13 PM

I don't think I'm excited enough to see a tournament which has 'nothing' to stake as the invite of TI7 has been rolled out. aside from probably looking at the latest strats of the teams heading for Seattle, this tourney is just all about the money for each participants. also, since Valve just changed the system starting from after TI7, this MDL results will most likely not count for the next Major invites too. since it doesn't have the minimum 300k prize pool (150+150) for a Minor tourney, so it won't have any Qualifying Points too.

Article 7/4/17, 12:57 PM

I'm with you on this. Machine is also very good at presentation and I liked his wordings. Also I think it's starts to become boring with RedEye on every high tier events. Though RedEye is still an excellent host but Machine will surely bring up a fresher looks on The International as how he did with Boston and Epicenter.

Article 6/28/17, 3:25 AM
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