The utilization of the dagger by Kuroky was excellent at the moment of innovating in possibilitys of gank. A hero with a standar capacity of play in a solo lane , gaining advantage of having there faces a hero who does not have great skill for harras like zeus, and that his unique way of being aggressive is casting spells gives more advantage to Lanaya. Briefly the strategy was extremely efficient for not saying perfect. As for the bans, I believe that there is nothing to explain, simply marvellous. "Sorry for my noob english"

Article 10/22/09, 1:15 AM

Loda, 1v1 unvouch?

Article 10/18/09, 6:09 PM

hahaha another vamp1re!

Article 10/9/09, 5:55 PM

Extremly powerful roster. May be they will be a difficult match for MYM. Good luck Miracle.

Article 10/6/09, 2:37 PM

I want everyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy change. I love 48b style. But for faster game i suggest the return of the old crow who can put obs. I hate go to each place to put obs for myself. :( And obviusly becouse i love dagon crow, i want the mana again on crow.

Article 9/7/09, 5:59 PM

Wtf? Rushed isnt beetween the bests teams in dota?? Mouz isnt beetween the bests teams in w3? That awards are wrong.

Article 1/26/09, 11:25 PM