• Name António Gusmão
  • Location Portugal
  • Date of birth Jan 30, 1987
  • Primary game StarCraft

Quirion's activity

I agree with gg.net. For them this punishment is probably not going to be important, but it still shows that what they did is wrong and they should not do it again. For those who say getting banned from TSL is enough punnishment. This is just nonsense: Imagine this situation: player X (lets call it Joe) wants to participate in TSL qualifiers, but doesn't have the skill to get in the top48. So Joe decides to cheat to get into the top48. Now two things can happen, Joe gets caught or Joe doesn't get caught: If Joe gets caught: Joe gets banned from TSL. Doesn't matter since he wouldn't be able to qualify anyway. Joe doesn't get caught: He qualifies by cheating. Either way, Joe doesn't have anything to lose by cheating! Now to those who say that it's bad to ban them because they are such great players. Do you really want to pardon cheating because a players is good? If at all, they should get more punished because they didn't even need to cheat! They cheated because they could and assumed they wouldn't get caught. It's sad to see that so many people don't understand this...

Article 12/17/09, 10:44 PM

Congratulations Shad!! :D Show them your awesomeness !

Article 11/29/08, 7:27 PM

He is an attention w*ore.. Sure he has programming skills, so what? Could use them for something good, there are so many stuff to work on. Why mess up a game with "unfair advantages"? I could ignore the fact that he made them and use them.. but make it public has no purpose but to brag .. 'hello, I'm so leet i can hack SC and make an uber program to f*k things up'... bah... having skills and using them in a bad way is worse than having no skills at all!

Article 5/11/08, 2:12 PM

I can't believe so much discussion because of what squall said. If he thinks Horror is the worst of them then let it be. One has to be the worst... who cares! Just play.. And being the underdog is mostly better than the favorite :D

Article 2/24/08, 9:39 PM

I don't know why people are bashing the chosen players. They played the ladder and so deserved their spot, ffs grow up -.-

Article 2/10/08, 12:06 AM

very nice movie. Though sometimes the music is not to my liking, the games are just amazing , good job Seraphim

Article 1/22/08, 8:56 PM

awesome opportunity for North American players. I hope whoever goes will manage to play at the same level as the koreans, or at least, play nice games.

Article 10/12/07, 2:47 PM

I think there should be a rule specifically designed for this situations but I don't agree Stork should be punished for this. Many players did it in the past.. it's not fair, specially given that he is a very good player, to punish him now and have not punish people in the past. Players should be notified that this is bad mannered and will not be tolerated, then next WCG we can punish if someone pulls of the same stunt. One of the ways to solve this would be to make the draw random.

Article 10/8/07, 3:10 PM
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