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I think Ana will come back and Midone will be kicked.

Article 7/27/20, 6:12 PM

Still no idea on when TI8 winning team OG is back?

Article 9/23/18, 9:20 AM

Without all the KL major qualified teams participating, I guess the biggest spot light for the minor would be TI7 winner Team Liquid and maybe TI8 winner Team OG.

Article 9/21/18, 8:22 PM

CIS have potential for sure, but I dont see how to justify they have more fans and more players compare to CN. Seeing that the only real stand out CIS team for this whole year has been VP and only VP. Haven't seen any other CIS team to break out of the region and play consistently well against other teams internationally like VP has. CIS more stacked? Looking at the track record and the playing style of FTM, Spirit, Navi and Empire its very hard to say they are very stacked and can beat EG, Optic, VGI.Storm any day. (current EG maybe, Optic and VGJ.Storm, dont think so in my opinion.) Optic and VGJ.Storm have been doing very well in the recent two/three major. Watch their game play and you will see. They are still not up there to the level of PSG.LGD, Liquid and VP in my opinion. I think it would be the other way around, any of the three NA teams would beat any of the mentioned CIS teams with exception to EG. I know EG lost to team spirit in ESL one Birmingham, but once they made the roster change replace Misery and Fear with Fly and S4, they beat team spirit right away in the Super Major in a very crazy elimination game 3. (For EG to play in super major after reforming the team 4 days prior, there wasn't much expectation anyway.) Out of VGJ. storm, optic and EG, I do agree EG is the worst at the moment due to recent roster change and dont have time to really boot camp and form the synergy needed to perform to the level they are expected to be with their super star pro player squad. Hope to see more surprises coming out of CIS and NA region in the open qualifier and TI8!!!!!

Article 6/11/18, 6:02 PM

Ask youself, is Team Secret in the DAC? If not, how is MidOne suppose to participate?? I guess you didn't pay attention which team qualified in DAC ;)

Article 3/27/17, 4:19 PM
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