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What I actually tried to say with the DLS8 example is that it is natural for events to have regional preferences based on the hosting region. DL series before the DPC inception is a league+playoff format among EU, CIS and NA teams, much like a "western version" of Chinese DPL. Dreamleague itself is evolving into a more worldwide event the whole time, adding NA division in S7, and became a worldwide DPC event now. From 0 to 1 is the "giant leap". So I'm not trying to say it was "unfair" or anything like that but just the nature of the events.

Article 4/27/18, 8:19 AM

Dreamleague S8 is just a perfect example of the regional preference. An 8-team Major with NO Direct Invite and 4 (half the total) EU&CIS slots? C'mon. This is the second time DPL is considered as the CN qualifiers of MDL (the previous one is MDL Macau). The only difference is the tournament changed from an 8-team (*EHOME was a Wildcard invite due to the previous ACE saga) minor to a 12-team Major. So where would those 4 additional teams come from? They added 2 more invites and gave the rest to CN qualifiers. You could argue that this is a "Home-Field Advantage" but this is not uncommon, such as Na'Vi received more invites in CIS-held events.

Article 4/26/18, 5:19 PM

No, they won the DAC last year (iG). And the MDL slots were allocated before DAC.

Article 4/26/18, 5:08 PM

Well seems like I'm not the only one who still couldn't believe that VG actually WON. (lol) They got it right in the main article later but somehow made a mistake in the first paragraph. BTW credit DOTA PLUS for granting VG about 50% winning probability even when they were 20K gold behind.

Article 4/4/18, 4:10 PM

PPD lived up to his words, and the "I'm also a defending DAC champion (with EG 3 years ago, as he didn't participate last year)" statement during the post-game interview was even cockier. Let's see what he and his Green Wall will put off against Mineski. If they somehow finish top-3 and grab a bunch of Points and all of a sudden join into the top-8 contention, it would make the upcoming SL-i League even more interesting.

Article 4/3/18, 3:57 PM

And having a player notoriously known as a gambler (Meteor, formerly known as lin, the caster made the infamous comments about VG.R.nono on TI6) certainly won't help their case...

Article 3/30/18, 8:00 AM

Rock.Y has posted a comment on its Weibo (CN equivalent of Twitter) (and interestingly, its first ever Weibo entry) claiming their players only acted like this upon receiving orders "to prevent the other team winning their potential bets" from executives. Regardless of the credibility of this claim, the team made attempts to somewhat "rescue" their players' careers. Also, MarsTV announced the punishment less than 24 hours after the game, and some would be skeptic about how much investigation they had done. Regardless, match-fixing should not be forgiven if confirmed.

Article 3/30/18, 4:22 AM

I started watching dota in 2009, at that time BurNIng was in team 7L, a glorious yet short-lived team. I would never have imagined that he would go on to have such a long and successful career, especially in China where talented dota players constantly breaking into the scene, and where the community has almost zero tolerance to mistakes and losses. Generations of players had come and gone throughout his career. It's safe to say he is the living history of the first decade of CN dota. After BurNIng missed TI6 (as 5-position for VG), many people are criticizing that BruNIng's presence blocked the path for potential young talent to shine in big teams. He once said on his Weibo (CN equivalent of Twitter), "Without convincing achievement, even breathing could be faulted". Few would have guessed at that time that after returning to iG and 1-position he would go on fire, claiming DAC champion and top-4 at Kiev Major, and becoming the only CN team to defeat Liquid for you-know-how-long (and they did it twice, at Kiev and TI7). Old soldiers never die. They just fade away.

Article 3/11/18, 4:22 AM
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