This actually made me giggle 4Head :D!

Article 10/29/16, 7:24 PM


Article 10/18/16, 6:41 PM

Only time will tell, fellow brethren :D!

Article 9/5/16, 2:09 PM

Yes! Dream is real :)!

Article 7/30/16, 4:18 AM

Yeah, I'm worried about the same. They have only a week left with them till TI and they've probably started training in Seattle too. Such an option is very good, but provided it is long-term. After TI, Nahaz would also leave so coL should stick with him rather than keeping him a while before the major.

Article 7/29/16, 7:19 AM

I think they can do better :D.

Article 7/27/16, 5:19 PM

He made the account just to shit talk, probably not even a Pakistani

Match 7/21/16, 4:11 PM

Yes, but an Io arcana may produce lesser sales yet it will be a crucial test for the creativity of Valve.

Article 7/13/16, 12:07 PM