i can't believe that Kidcanada was beaten by eonzerg, he's getting bloody good O_o

Article 12/3/12, 11:06 PM

KIller you played really well :D, too bad that force field, is fucking imba .-.

Article 11/18/12, 3:59 PM

Grrrr is a legend, he's the only non korean that have won an OSL. and as he said he didn't even practiced too much. that's impressive O_o

Article 11/10/12, 4:20 PM

Scan is too imba, even sziky got 3-0 ... well he came from losers brackets so one game was given to scan, but anyway scan is too imba xD

Article 11/8/12, 6:56 PM

the maps look amazing i have downloaded it

Article 10/16/12, 5:03 PM

hahahahaha LOL Doty xD, this is going to be so good

Article 9/28/12, 9:11 PM

hahahaa 4 so epic.. but we need some real designers to replace the old logo :)

Article 9/27/12, 3:59 AM

This is a great tournament, i hope there will be streams featured on TL and here to watch it. and i'm sad because savior isn't playing it xD

Article 9/22/12, 2:51 AM