Again, excuse me, who tf are you anyway? Do I really need to care if you knew stuffs about Puppey or not? Stop talking unnecessary stuffs, dear lady. Oh and one more thing, why do you have to be so salty? I'm quite sure I don't need to know you to understand dota and it's you who was a true Puppey fangay but after their many loses you're just simply salty so you're here to whine and talk aabout your stupid prophecy like a girl on her period. Bye girl just talk to urself. btw if you need some dick to suck just contact me, stop whining here. LUL

Article 10/12/16, 5:11 PM

W8 you're some kind of a hot shot? Excuse me who the shit are you anyway?

Article 10/11/16, 3:42 PM

There must be a reason EE said this, and so far no one ever played in Team Secret has denied what he said, while Puppey and that fat Cybormatt still remain silent. There's nothing good about EE but at least he's not the type who create fake dramas. If it's true, I hope Secret just disband afterward. I've been following Puppey and his team (Navi/Secret) from the beginning of TI1, been a fan of his and was happy when they won, sad when they lost. Now it's like all my emotion for Secret was a box of dogshit. Well at least I had a bad feeling when I knew that fat fuck Cybormatt's the manager of Secret.

Article 10/10/16, 7:38 PM

Oh once again you just proved that you just shit talking, not sure what is your "AD can take VP" means.

Article 5/30/16, 6:28 PM

Still not as biased as your comment about Mushi replacing Net. FYI nobody cares about your predicting so just shut up in every next GG thread.

Article 5/30/16, 9:30 AM