People keep praising Liquid then a Chinese team take the Aegis, making it the 4th TI for CN. Or worse, maybe in the next 2 hours they fall against LFY. Do not hope or praise anything until the end.

Article 8/12/17, 4:35 PM

Liquid is strong and certainly proved it, but CN teams are stronger with even greater versatility of in-game strategies and hero drafting. Chinese are like that, they may do much worse in small tournaments or even Majors but when it comes to TI, they fight like gods and surprise everyone. 80% chance this year TI goes to a CN team. Despite rooting for Liquid, I have to admit that only by a miracle (not Liquid.Miracle) could Liquid raise the aegis. My best hope is that Liquid can reach the TI7 grand final.

Article 8/11/17, 2:09 PM

Why so silent? If DC had won, a lot of Aboost fanshits would have filled this comment sections with their dogshit pride. Now all pinoy pride teams were eliminated, suddenly this GG became so quiet! Makes sense, pride gone = quiet pinoy. A good pinoy is a muted one #PeenoiseCry And never forget, even given his favourite hero, Aboost couldn't make it further. Good, this failure will shut up any pinoy fangay who would have made typical excuse like "If Abed were granted meepo DC would win" after losing. No more excuse.

Article 8/10/17, 11:43 AM

rtz tried hard, but Sh1t's draft just fuck rtz in the ass. 1st game, Sh1t pick PL when Empire already had ES, then they ended with a Sven pick. The second game Sh1t pick TB for rtz and NP for Universe against Empire's Sven (Sven clears TB's illusion in 1 second, like illusion doesn't matter in Cr1t mind), then drafted puck for Sumail which doesn't scale better than Empire's Miranna in late game. Did he really think WW counter Sven?! I dont know. I am not playing in this TI so I won't question more about his draft ( in case some kids jump in to say "you're not in TI don't talk") but I watch the whole game 1 when sven and es just overrun rtz's pl over and over again. I D K but I don't think Cr1t fit the role captain/drafter. He's outdrafted by Fly every time they meet, now he even outdrafted himself.

Article 8/9/17, 10:26 AM

" a couple of games where he plays a position 4 Pudge" won't prove anything. 1. It's just a couple of games 2. Only Pudge. @BobTrollinski provided solid points you guys should read his comment carefully. Dendi is the problem, however not the only one. There are many things that are together crippling Navi. The most crucial one is a formidable captain which Na`vi lacks. The second one is that Navi manager staff should really stay out of the way, they have absolutely zero knowledge of the game (and zero love or dedication, except money) yet they try to control everything from players' tasks to roster changes. Xboct is just a puppet. Third one, once they have an ok captain (with Xboct NOT as the coach) and the managers' filthy hands out of the team, they should put Dendi to rest as a streamer and let the young talents shine. CIS doesn't lack talents, but some CIS teams only rely on old faces, always being comfortable with a team full of "old and outdated stars".Just think about it, there are ofc better CIS mid laners that can or could have replaced Dendi, but Navi just drown them down only to keep Dendi floating. Why? For what? for Winning tournaments and securing Navi's future or just an old star keeping the cis fans fed despite early losing tournaments, and then end with typical Navi's excuse like "Navi just unlucky" to keep selling Navi T-shirt with Dendi face as logo??! Mid lane is not a joke. If mid laner get destroyed at mid that means enemy mid will dominate the whole early game, putting pressure on all lanes with rotations/pushing. If mid laner doesnt get destroyed but he requires too much team resources, like support babysit, defensive wards, defensive tps, etc... other lanes will be crippled and space for enemy offlaner and hard carry will be created. Supports' effective area will be seized and it will be a gamble with their life as cost to put just a ward somewhere, since they spend most of their time watching over their babies -> map control lost -> feed will happen more often/less jungle stacking attempts/more enemy successful split-push/XPM and GPM race = lost -> finally much more chance to lose a 5v5 incoming fight. Then by the time our legendary mid laner comes online, he will face 1 vs 3 against enemy mid, offlane and carry who also come online. While his teammate carry and offlane are still completing their boots! And then they get kicked for letting our legendary player carry alone! Not joking just watch Navi recent TI 7 qualification you will see.

Article 8/1/17, 10:46 PM

His name is Ape. He plays for DC. DC.Ape. "Real" talent of the philippines and also the Pinoy Pride. When he reached 10k many ones disagreed and showed solid proofs of him cheating with his teammates. Even the pro players hinted about him being boosted. Be careful, Pinoys still disagree with this because of the pride, though fake. However MidOne is different. He's the real deserved 10k player. I watched MidOne games and I saw him playing Invoker coming back against Cancel's Brood mid counter pick. Miracle's so-called invoker is just trash comparing to MidOne's. On the other hand, when I watched Ape I only saw him throwing games on his smurf account when being in the same team with other 9k mmr players like RTZ, only to lower them down and when he's serious he's nothing special compared to them, much less MidOne or even Miracle. And 50% he's still lose when he plays seriously, unless his DC teammates like Lulba play on the OPPOSITE team. For proof, check dotabuff before barking. Just admit it Pinoys, if he's really good and he grinded his MMR on his own, people won't deny it. Don't think the world are against you, because in fact you pinoys are against the world. If you are hated everywhere you go, instead of blaming racism, just think of what you have done to get the hate.

Article 7/10/17, 4:24 AM

Why is there no nerf on Zeus? That hero is fucking insanely annoying. Beside high burst damage spells with low cooldown, he also have a free gem and can fuck up wards with a single key and no gold cost. Wtf you waste 100 gold for each senty to deward, and when you put the sentry there, there's still chance you catch no ward and you waste 100 gold for nothing, and as a support you're more desperate with each 100 wasted gold on each sentry. What about Zeus? He can just spam W with some mana cost and your gold on sentries and wards are just a sorry memory. With high burst damage and low items dependency he can just play as many roles from support to mid or offlaner. I really hope the idiotic devs remove the true strike on wards and sentries of W, make it only reveal invisible heroes/heroes' units. Or Zeus has to hit W right at the ward to reveal it, not just easily hit somewhere around it to reveal.

Article 7/4/17, 5:42 AM

Lets see how he gonna do in TI7, or a new great meme will be born

Article 6/26/17, 11:17 AM