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  • Date of birth May 11, 1993
  • Primary game Dota 2

sszj's activity

Stop the bullshit about "mid player is the key" or "mid player is big part of the key" based just on TI7 Champ. What about Wings Gaming? Was Blink some sort of people's star before his team raised the aegis? Just admit the fact that Liquid won TI7 mainly by their godlike support and offlaner who saved Liquid ass from being kicked countless of time, and also Kuro's draft and strat. Miracle contributed well to his team's victory but he also choked so many times that his fanboys seem to forget. And in all that choked games of him - the games in which the loser will be eliminated - his two teammates GH and Mind_control just played like gods and saved the whole team from going home. When Kuro was asked how he thought about his team and their contribution to success after the grand final, Kuro said plainly that Mind_coltrol and GH gave him that aegis that day, he also mentioned Mamtubaman and Miracle but not as grateful and thankful as when he said about the real MVP ones. Just stop here fanboys. Stop it before you gonna get hyped and proceed to find a match and insta pick invoker and choke and then feed then blame your other lanes without knowing you're the real pathetic shit.

Article 11/9/17, 5:03 PM

Nice patch Vavle, you are slowly becoming a new Blulzard.

Article 11/7/17, 9:23 AM

butthurt detected

Article 10/30/17, 9:02 AM

Game 1 Liquid fangays be like: "ez game for liquid miracle injoker beats all" Game 2: "Liquid just tried to test strat" Game 3: "haha at least liquid still have the TI aegis"

Article 10/29/17, 9:43 PM

Ez game + 80% players consists of kids -> Not many strong team, just the better of the noobs become the pro-> bad variety of strategies -> Mainly requires reflex and practice over only one thing which korean are very good at -> Some dogshit team win many "worldcup". In short, a 12-year-old kid winning against other 10-year-old kids in an elementary school. Don't compare to those who compete on university level.

Article 10/16/17, 6:43 AM

butt = hurt

Article 8/16/17, 3:01 AM

No that's simply because Liquid won and you're in fact a CN fan. Spectator my ass.

Article 8/16/17, 3:00 AM

Reading comments I saw Dendi, Loda, Bullcuck, Funnik FailFish

Article 8/15/17, 4:26 AM
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